Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

As the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), it is our mission to encourage responsible behavior on and off the athletic fields, and to instill positive leadership qualities, good sportsmanship and teamwork.  We will promote equity for all student-athletes and respect for both ourselves and others while conducting ourselves in a professional manner with integrity and honor.


SAAC serves as a vehicle for addressing and discussing concerns and issues facing student-athletes.  The committee shall represent all student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics.  In addition, the committee will promote and celebrate student-athletes’ achievements.  As a whole community, we will promote and embrace SUNY Delhi.


The SAAC will serve as the liaison between the student-athletes of (NCAA - Division III) USCAA and NAIA member institutions and the administrators.  The committee will serve as a voice to represent the concerns of all student-athletes and to discuss issues effecting student-athlete well-being, as well as the positive attributes student-athletes bring to their campus. 

Committee Members:

Athletic Department Advisor: Vicki Andruszkiewicz


President:  Sean Sweeney

Vice President:  Molly Greene

Secretary/Treasurer: Jacqueline Slentz and Cayla Heffern

SAAC Members/Team Representative:

Volleyball: Kristen Maslanka

Soccer: (M) Estefano Correia, (W) Jacqueline Slentz

Softball: Molly Greene                                                                

Cross Country: (M) Kobie Lane, (W) Elise McIntyre       

Lacrosse: Jeremy Leary

Basketball: (M) Jordan Fragale,  (W) Cayla Heffern

Golf: (M) Joseph Burgin, (W) Lauren Schnoor

Track: (M) Brandon Holliday, (W) Nikita Hall                   

Swimming & Diving: Sean Sweeney