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At SUNY Delhi, we want our student-athletes to make the most of their college athletic experience. Illness and injury can have a significant detrimental affect on the overall experience. The health and safety of student-athletes is important to the SUNY Delhi athletic department and we strive to serve all student-athletes to the best of our ability. 

Participation in athletics does not come without risk. It is the goal of the SUNY Delhi athletic training staff to provide a healthy and safe environment in which our student-athletes can participate. Working closely with the coaching staff and health services we strive to prevent injuries and provide excellent care for those injuries that do occur. 


All student-athletes must have a current physical on file in Health Services and that physical must have been conducted within the previous 12 months. If that 12-month window closes before or during a student-athletes playing season, the student-athlete will become ineligible on that date. 

To avoid issues with a physical expiring mid-season, the ideal time for student-athletes to have their physical is between May 15 and August 15. Physicals may be conducted on campus by Health Services. Student-athletes are responsible for scheduling on-campus physicals and pay a $40 physical fee. Please note that in the first few weeks of the semester, it may be more difficult to get a timely appointment.

The following will be accepted as documentation of a physical by health services. The athletic trainer does not have the authority to determine the validity of a physical.

  • Part C of the health history form - completed and signed by the student-athletes physician
  • A Copy of the physical with findings and the physicians signature from the student-athletes medical record. 
    *Note: Due to HIPPA laws, physicians may require that the student-athlete sign a release of information form if you are requesting that they send (via mail or fax) to SUNY Delhi.


Student-athletes must be insured...

  • through their their parent/guardians health insurance
  • or through their own health insurance
  • or purchase the college health insurance

Proof of insurance, including a copy of their insurance card must be provided to the athletic department prior to the first day of practices. A Statement of Insurance Form will be mailed to all fall prospective athletes over the summer. If you did not recieve this form or need another copy you may download one from the athletics website. This is in addition to the waiver that must be completed to remove the college insurance from the students bill. More information about the college insurance is available from the Health Center. The college health policy does not cover injuries sustained while participating in athletics.

The Department of Athletics carries an accident policy for student-athletes. Student-athletes will be charged this policy. Billing will occur when the roster for the team is finalized. Should a student-athlete participate on more than one athletic team during the academic year, they will only be billed once. This is a mandatory fee. In the event of an injury, the student-athletes primary insurance is billed first. This accident policy will cover any unpaid portion of medical bills, including deductibles, for any injury sustained while participating in college athletics at SUNY Delhi up to $1,000,000 less a $100 deductible. Please direct all questions about the athletic accident insurance to the athletic trainer.

"I have an injury. How do I get my bills paid?"

  • Step 1 - After notifying the athletic trainer and/or your coach of your injury, go get the care you need. The physician's office/emergency room should bill your primary insurance.
  • Step 2 - If you have not yet notified the athletic trainer of your injury, do so at this time. The athletic trainer will complete a claim form which you must sign.
  • Step 3 - When you recieve bills for the care related to your injury, forward them as soon as possible to the athletic trainer. The athletic trainer will them submit them on your behalf along with your claim form. Bills must be submitted within 90 days.

There is a $100 deductible. Once bills have been paid by our insurance company, you will recieve a bill from your physician for the remaining $100. You are responsible for paying this amount.