Biller Wins Two in Finale at Rutgers Newark

Biller Wins Two in Finale at Rutgers Newark

NEWARK, N.J. (October 13, 2018) – SUNY Delhi women's tennis fought hard in their regular season finale Saturday at Rutgers Newark, where the Broncos captured three wins over the Scarlet Raiders. Junior Jessica Biller was on hand for two of those wins at two doubles and three singles.

Despite coming up short in a 6-3 contest, the Broncos saw their two doubles defeats decided by two points, as well as a singles match determined in three games and another by two points in each set.

Delhi took its first victory of the day at two doubles where Katie Mach and Jessica Biller dominated in an 8-0 performance over Sophia Raza and Karla Pelaez-Ramirez. In her final match as a Bronco, sophomore Reika Kumasaki and partner Safiyyah Muhammad battled to 16 games for the second straight day at one doubles, but fell to Nell Karpinski and Bryanna Thaxton by a 9-7 score. Mackenzie Landman and Sarah Krzyston played a close match at three doubles, coming up on the short end of an 8-6 decision against Emely Conza and Melissa Carina Saenz.

Going into singles, Biller fought to a three-set victory over Pelaez-Ramirez in the three spot by 6-4, 4-6, and 10-7 scores. Mackenzie Landman earned the Broncos' remaining win in the number-four slot, beating Raza in straight sets, 6-4 and 7-5. Mach contested Thaxton to three games at two singles, winning the first set, 6-4, but coming up short in the latter frames by 6-0 and 10-5 ledgers. Katelyn Lewis played Natalie Lewis in the six spot, where she was defeated in straight sets by close 7-5 and 6-4 scores.

Head coach Courtney Hoyt's team closed out their first NCAA Division III season with a 2-10 record, tallying wins over Utica and Vaughn. The Broncos have a lot to forward to entering Fall 2019, as they will compete as members of the North Atlantic Conference (NAC).